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Name Birth/Adoption Day Breed
Fiona 05/15 Pembroke Welsh Corgi
Ruth & Father Larry McCormick writes:

Fiona has spent the better part of her first year of life looking for the herd of cows she is supposed to be tending. In lieu of the cows, she fills her days herding the three cats who live in the Rectory with us (Cheesesteak, Hoagie, and Zacchaeus). When the cats don't cooperate (which is most of the time) she herds the two of us. If you are ever in the vicinity of Teaneck, New Jersey, feel free to drop by. You will have no trouble finding us. Just look for the whirling dervish. That will be Fiona on the end of her leash! [Post: We're sorry that Fiona does not look happier in her Vermont tee shirt...she doesn't much like dressing up, but we thought since you guys and gals are in Vermont you might like to see it.]

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dog friend